Home Party Divas was started in January of 2011 with three groups in South Florida. The idea and concept was created by our founder, Deborah Shulman. Deborah felt there was a lack in training/coaching, networking and relationship building in the direct sales and home party industry. She wanted to combine a fun and friendly environment where consultants would meet in person, build relationships, get coaching and build their business the way direct sales should be built on.

Our direct sales companies provide excellent training however with new technology, the many ways of communicating with our clients, changes in marketing trends, demographics, purchasing habits and generation gaps it is challenging to keep up. The way we have done business before may not work today. Home Party Divas tries to bring the latest and current opportunities to attract people to you and you to them.

Our diva teams meet monthly for education, networking, and fun! We are also very focused on making a difference in the world we live and sponsor several charitable organizations and fundraising events. Join us today!